Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pages and Stages

I'm writing this with my left thumb. And I am not lefthanded! My son just abandoned ship with regards to his lovely bed and sought refuge in the big bed. My right arm seems to be his life preserver right now. And that illustrates just what Pages and Stages is about. Writing. Parenting. Growing. Rookie, as I'll call him here, will not always need mama's arm to pass through the second stretch of night. For now, I'll assist him. And I'm learning as I write, and as I cling, adrift in darkness, to this little person. 

I trust the process of learning, of growth, of change. I've been here before. Big sister, Owl, spent many a night huddled in mama's arms. Now she remains in the kids' room, placidly sailing on her dreams. If she ever puts her book down and falls asleep.

Ah yes, the books. Books for Owl. I'm an expert on books through elementary school level now, thanks to my ceaseless looking for new reads for her. Books for me, and maybe you. I'd like to share what books guide me through my own rough waters, and hear from you as well. 

And books being born. Books emerging, books being carved out, word by word. I'm writing a few. Hopefully not with my left thumb. Although perhaps it's like standing on one's desk to gain a new perspective. Perhaps the child carried along through the night's writing is what gives it that new outlook. 

And maybe not books but shorter, if not smaller, pieces of writing. Blog posts and essays and poems. Maybe that I share here. Maybe that you need help with. Let's read and write and learn and grow. Sailing, together, on the infinite sea of words.